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The Losses of Depression: Grieve Them Now and Move On

I had an interesting conversation the other day about the losses we all experience when receiving a diagnosis of mental illness such as depression or bipolar disorder.  Yes, losses.  At first glance it seems unfair, given that there is such a large burden to carry with the illness.  But it does happen and is something we need to acknowledge and deal with, otherwise the effect of these losses will come back to haunt you. What[…]

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When Depression Hits, Adjust Our Sails

Some years ago I found a 4 inch coaster with a saying on it that has become so meaningful to me I keep it in a prominent place on my desk. A very similar quote has been attributed to Thomas S. Monson. The verse is We cannot direct the winds but we can adjust our sails. Think about this for a minute.  It has so many applications to our lives, whether we are depressed or[…]

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Knowing versus Doing

I’ve often noticed that it’s much harder to DO something than it is to KNOW about the same thing.  It’s a challenge that has plagued me and others I speak with.  For example, we know we have to show up for work, brush our teeth each day, not drink and drive.  We know about the benefits gained from following a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, regular physical exercise, not smoke).  We’ve seen the scientific studies that[…]

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