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Dr. Susan Noonan is an engaging speaker with a message that is both powerful and hopeful. She has spoken to groups of those living with depression, their families and friends, and healthcare professionals about her recovery journey. In her presentations she shares the essential lesson of maintaining a healthy mental health lifestyle. Her emphasis is on working in collaboration with your health care provider and focusing on the basics of mental health – maintaining a sound diet, sleep, and exercise regimen, having a regular routine and structure, a daily purpose, and avoiding isolation. Included in her talks is discussion of her recent book, Managing Your Depression: What you can do to feel better, a peer-reviewed manuscript published by the Johns Hopkins University Press in June 2013. She has also delivered presentations on the role of the certified Peer Specialist in the healthcare system to facilitate the Recovery process.


Managing Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Dr. Noonan skillfully explains the basics of mental health—including maintaining good eating, sleeping, and exercising habits; building a daily routine; and avoiding isolation. She emphasizes the importance of self-care- taking the time to understand your own triggers, recognize warning signs, identify distorted thoughts, and develop a relapse-prevention plan.

My Book: Managing Your Depression – What you can do to feel better

Dr. Noonan gives an overview of her new book, a concise, day-to-day practical overview of the management of mood disorders for anyone suffering from these conditions. She includes the basics of mental health, self-care, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Relapse Prevention.

The Role of a Certified Peer Specialist in Mental Healthcare Services

Dr. Noonan describes the certified Peer Specialist, a person who has experienced mental illness, is now in Recovery and who has been formally trained to use his/her Recovery experience to assist others in their Recovery. Recovery is the ongoing process of gaining control over one’s life after a psychiatric diagnosis. A Peer Specialist’s role is to mentor and provide recovery-oriented services and support to others suffering from mental illness.

What To Do When Someone You Know Has Depression

Family members and close friends are the ones who need to know what to say and do to cope with a depressed person’s impaired thinking and fluctuating moods. Dr. Noonan compassionately addresses the caretakers needs. She describes effective communication and support strategies to use when your loved one has an episode of depression, including special challenges a person may present.

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