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Noonan Wellness Coaching

Depressed?  Anxious?  Overwhelmed?

Welcome to Noonan Wellness Coaching, my new virtual mental health and wellness coaching service for those who have depression, anxiety, other mental health issues and who feel overwhelmed.

Coaching is a collaborative effort, a way for an experienced person to support you in achieving your personal goals as you move forward in recovery. I offer you my expertise and experience as a healthcare provider certified in Lifestyle Medicine, a Certified Peer Specialist, author of six books and a blog on mental health and, perhaps most importantly, my understanding and compassion as a long-term patient. Many people have found it helpful to speak with someone like me who has firsthand experience, knows what it feels like, and understands how to get through each day.

Coaching is a supplement to standard mental health care services. It differs from psychotherapy and should not be considered a substitute for the adviceof and treatment by qualified medical and mental health clinicians. Mental health disorders have a wide range of symptoms and clinical presentations. It’s hoped that you will have engaged with a qualified primary care physician and/or a psychiatric clinician for management of your acute, urgent or continuing mental health care.

Interested? Contact Noonan Wellness Coaching at to set up an initial free virtual appointment.

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