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Noonan Wellness Coaching

Depressed?  Anxious?  Overwhelmed?

Welcome to Noonan Wellness Coaching, my new virtual mental health and wellness coaching service for those who have depression, anxiety, other mental health issues, and their family

members, and who feel overwhelmed. Many people have found it helpful to speak with someone who has firsthand experience, knows what it feels like, and how to get through each day. Coaching

 differs from psychotherapy; its main focus is on the present and in moving forward in Recovery and not on issues or events from your past. Coaching is a way for an experienced person to support you in achieving your personal goals, broaden your thinking and help you choose a new path– A NEW VIEW!  It’s a collaborative effort that requires active participation by you. Noonan Wellness Coaching will work with you to achieve your goals. 

Coaching is not the “practice of medicine” and should not be considered a substitute for the advice of and treatment by qualified medical and mental health clinicians. It’s expected that you will have engaged with a primary care physician and/or a psychiatric clinician for management of acute and continuing mental health care.  Coaching is an augmentation to standard, clinical mental health care services and is to be used in conjunction with and not a replacement for your treating psychiatrist and/or clinical psychologist.  As a coach Susan J Noonan MD is not available to treat medical conditions, prescribe medications, arrange hospitalizations, or respond to off-hour crises or urgent messages.  Mental diseases and disorders have a wide range of symptoms and clinical presentations.  You should always consult qualified medical professionals outside of Noonan Wellness Coaching for the diagnosis and treatment of mental health diseases and disorders.

Interested?  Contact Noonan Wellness Coaching at to set up a virtual appointment.



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