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Emotional Pain Does Not Have To Be A Permanent State

While watching a rerun of the popular TV show NCIS recently, the character Ducky gave a great piece of advice in his favorite quote “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”  Some attribute this saying to Winston Churchill, but that has never been verified. I was struck by these words.  First, I was relaxed and mindlessly watching a TV show to pass the time and be entertained; I did not expect to stumble upon something[…]

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Don’t let depression steal your personal dignity!

It’s easy to lose a sense of your personal dignity when depressed, but it doesn’t have to be.  You might wonder: what is dignity, and what does that have to do with depression?  Think of dignity as a sense of having self-respect as a human being and being worthy of respect from others, and behaving in a way that shows this.  It’s an indication of how we value ourselves, that we matter, that our opinions[…]

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Does having access to the best resources prevent a mood disorder?

I happened to be in a conversation with two different people recently, both of whom were distressed and discouraged to learn that mood disorders like depression or bipolar disorder are generally considered relapsing and remitting conditions.  This means that episodes come and go over time in a pattern that is unique to each person.  They were distraught to learn that their mood episode could come back, even though they were getting the “best” treatment. These[…]

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