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Does having access to the best resources prevent a mood disorder?

I happened to be in a conversation with two different people recently, both of whom were distressed and discouraged to learn that mood disorders like depression or bipolar disorder are generally considered relapsing and remitting conditions.  This means that episodes come and go over time in a pattern that is unique to each person.  They were distraught to learn that their mood episode could come back, even though they were getting the “best” treatment. These[…]

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The Doctor Is In: Disappointments Along the Course of Depression

The Doctor Is In is an occasional series where JHU Press authors discuss the latest developments and news in health and medicine. Many people find that the symptoms of major depression or bipolar depression come and go in a pattern that is unique to them and fairly unpredictable, even with treatment. You may have an episode now but then no symptoms for a few months or years. When this happens it is called a relapsing[…]

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