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Pandemic-related inertia – it’s a real thing!

The past 2 ½ years or so during the covid-19 pandemic has affected all of us in terms of what and how we do things, our habits, our thinking and our decision making.  That’s easy to understand – we’ve been in a crisis situation, facing an unknown threat to our health and security from a worldwide super-contagious virus that is still evolving, with periodic new variations that continue to trouble us. In response to spending[…]

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The Difficulty in Making Meaningful Connections in Adulthood

I recently heard a wonderful and very enthusiastic presentation by psychologist Dr. Marisa Franco of the University of Maryland who had some very practical thoughts and recommendations on making friends in adulthood.  I’ve personally found that making meaningful connections is something more difficult to do as we age, deal with the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic, or deal with mental health conditions that can cause a person to be more withdrawn and isolated socially.  There[…]

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Be aware of the B-side!

I’ve been recently thinking about personal relationships and the fact that most of us are protective of the image we portray to others.  We often don’t share, see or hear about the reality, the duller, gray or “B-side” of life. It gives us a distorted view of what others’ lives and experiences are like.  We are left with the impression that life is or can be glowing or “perfect” and without distress – based on the partial information we[…]

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