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Staying in the game – what it takes to not give up

I was walking through the hills of the Berkshires with a psychologist friend recently and we got to talking about what it takes to keep going in life.  When things get difficult and you can’t find your way.  How is it that some people seem to persevere and others wither away in their distress? We came to the conclusion that it’s important to just stay in the game.  To not give up on yourself or[…]

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Families Fractured By Mental Illness

A diagnosis of mental illness like anxiety or a mood disorder in one family member affects the whole family.  It might bring a strain on relationships and can be wearing on the entire family in addition to the effects it has on the individual.  These responses are not intentional; they usually arise because of differences in understanding what a mental illness is and how to best deal with it.  But it can lead to fractures[…]

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The Losses of Depression: Grieve Them Now and Move On

I had an interesting conversation the other day about the losses we all experience when receiving a diagnosis of mental illness such as depression or bipolar disorder.  Yes, losses.  At first glance it seems unfair, given that there is such a large burden to carry with the illness.  But it does happen and is something we need to acknowledge and deal with, otherwise the effect of these losses will come back to haunt you. What[…]

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