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Monthly Archives: July 2016



Coping With Large Scale Tragedies: How We Are All Affected By Overwhelming Trauma

What happens to us when large-scale tragic events occur and flood the media, and our social networks, with stories of loss and anguish?  It can be extremely sorrowful and overwhelming even when we are not directly involved.  We lose the lives of innocent people, a sense of society as we knew it, a sense of safety and security in our neighborhoods, and a system we had trusted.  This has given many of us the opportunity[…]

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Your Voice Matters: Express Your Opinion to Researchers in Psychiatry

Do you ever feel that your opinion is not recognized or acknowledged by those who do research in psychiatry, those who are looking for better treatments for you?  That your experiences in living with a mental illness are not considered important by them?  Perhaps you have symptoms or side effects of medications that you want to let them know about and you don’t know how to do it.  Well, I can see how you could[…]

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