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Monthly Archives: June 2016



Volunteer when depressed? The life you save may be your own!

Ugh you say, as you roll your eyes.  Don’t lecture me on what I should do!  But this isn’t a cliché or a holier-than-thou lecture on the benefits of volunteering your time.  It is my own personal experience of how volunteering helped get me, and now maybe you, through depression. How is this possible, you might wonder.  I can barely take care of myself, get off the couch, or think straight.  I couldn’t do something[…]

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Better is Not Good Enough: Wellness is the Goal

If you asked any one of us, we would say that top on our list of what we want is to feel better.  But what is “better”?  To most it means that the symptoms of depression have gone away.  However, just the absence of symptoms is not enough to feel well.  Being well is not only freedom from the episodes of a mood disorder or depression symptoms.  It’s an ongoing process that includes participating in[…]

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