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Monthly Archives: December 2016



The World Lost Carrie Fisher Too Soon: Impact of Bipolar Disorder on Our Physical Health

The sudden death yesterday of Carrie Fisher, known for her role as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy, brought great sadness to the many lives she touched.  Carrie, and Leia, were known as feisty, courageous, formidable women and Carrie carried that bravely in her battle against bipolar disorder and recovering substance abuse.  She was a real-life advocate for mental illness and approached it with a wry sense of humor, something that comes through[…]

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Surviving The Chaos Of Simultaneous Depression And Mania

I’m writing today about a type of mood disorder sometimes called a mixed state, or dysphoric mania.  It’s a sub-category of mood disorders and therefore a biologically based medical condition.  It’s something that I have personal experience with as a patient and provider.  Dysphoric mania, also called agitated or mixed mania, is when you have a combination of depression and mania at the same time.  It is having depression while at the same time being[…]

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