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Monthly Archives: November 2016



Overwhelmed by the thought of the upcoming holidays?

The holiday season is a joyful time for many people, but also a time that brings an enormous amount of stress for some, especially those with depression.  Stress is an emotionally and physically disturbing condition you may have in response to certain life events.  In this case it includes the change in daily routine and overload of responsibilities that are common during the holidays. Holiday stress begins with a “should” list that is bound to[…]

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Read Health Care Websites With A Critical Eye!

Over time I have come across a few websites that make me pause, and cause me to be concerned.  The reason is because some of these sites tend to make promises and mis-statements on health and well-being without using scientific evidence to back them up.  I cringe when I read them, and only hope that the reader is savvy enough to see through the faulty logic and sales pressure to purchase products of those who[…]

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Beware Of The Rush To Label Yourself “Unfixable”

Beware of the rush to label yourself as “unfixable” or “treatment resistant” if you become discouraged with the course of your treatment for depression.  This happens all too frequently in the deep despair of the many medication and treatment trials that are often required of those who have mood disorders.  In addition, researchers who study people’s response to treatment have observed that only about 60-70% of people respond to the first medication they try.  This[…]

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