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Monthly Archives: April 2016



Caution! Using self-labels can be hazardous to your health

A viewer wrote in recently and I noticed that she tended to use negative labels to describe herself.  She is not alone in this!  Many of us, particularly those who suffer with major depression, bipolar depression or other mental illness, are prone to this.  We often see the world through dark gray lenses that color our life experiences and twist or distort everything to the negative.  That is one of the main symptoms of depression. […]

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Teen Screen – All or none?

A provocative article in this past week’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ) nicely outlined the arguments for and against screening all adolescents for depression (Should all teens be screened for depression?   Screening is a set of questions designed to draw attention to worrisome symptoms that are suggestive of depression; it does not make or confirm the diagnosis.  That requires further detailed evaluation by a skilled clinician. Depression in the teenage years is fairly common.  The[…]

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Welcome to my new blog on Psychology Today: View From the Mist

I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited to be a regular contributing blog writer on Psychology Today! This will be in addition to my blog posting here on my own website.  Please feel welcome to visit me at Psychology Today and send along your thoughts, ideas and questions on depression. You can find it on their website  My first blog posting is provided for you below. Hello and welcome to my[…]

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