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A New Concept in Mental Health: Difficult-to-Treat Depression

There’s a new concept in mental health: difficult-to-treat depression.  It’s intended to replace the concept of treatment-resistant depression, widely used for many years to capture those who experience a chronic and recurrent illness and don’t achieve sustained remission (complete relief of symptoms) despite adequate treatment.  One reason behind the new model is that the word “resistant” is thought to have negative connotations and suggests the person is to blame for being resistant to treatment efforts, which is[…]

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Life Lesson From the Football Game

2017 Super Bowl! Like many of us I was glued to the TV in awe of two fabulous teams of football players who showed us how to work very hard and never give up, no matter how bleak things may look.  Both teams played skillfully, yet neither side resigned themselves to the outcome that seemed so apparent mid-game.  The New England Patriots continued to remain focused, re-strategize, and plug-on in the fourth quarter to the[…]

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Read Health Care Websites With A Critical Eye!

Over time I have come across a few websites that make me pause, and cause me to be concerned.  The reason is because some of these sites tend to make promises and mis-statements on health and well-being without using scientific evidence to back them up.  I cringe when I read them, and only hope that the reader is savvy enough to see through the faulty logic and sales pressure to purchase products of those who[…]

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