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Life Lesson From the Football Game

2017 Super Bowl! Like many of us I was glued to the TV in awe of two fabulous teams of football players who showed us how to work very hard and never give up, no matter how bleak things may look.  Both teams played skillfully, yet neither side resigned themselves to the outcome that seemed so apparent mid-game.  The New England Patriots continued to remain focused, re-strategize, and plug-on in the fourth quarter to the[…]

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Knowing versus Doing

I’ve often noticed that it’s much harder to DO something than it is to KNOW about the same thing.  It’s a challenge that has plagued me and others I speak with.  For example, we know we have to show up for work, brush our teeth each day, not drink and drive.  We know about the benefits gained from following a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, regular physical exercise, not smoke).  We’ve seen the scientific studies that[…]

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Biologic Link Between Genes and PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder)

The NIMH, National Institute of Mental Health, released exciting news this week.  It’s about a study on genes and PMDD, and I will try to explain it to you as clearly as possible.  Dated January 3, 2017, the press release announced that NIH researchers have discovered a link between a reproductive hormone-related set of genes and PMDD, or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.  PMDD is a disabling mood disorder characterized by sadness, irritability, and anxiety that occurs[…]

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