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Do You Feel Like Your Hands are Tied? More Thoughts on Helping Someone Who Refuses Treatment

A few years ago I posted a blog on how you might help someone who refuses mental health treatment (October, 2016).  It seemed to resonate with many readers at the time.  I am again prompted to write because someone recently asked me how to help their 19 yo son who is reluctant to seek professional care for depression.  Being the parent of someone over age 18 who is free to make his own decisions is[…]

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my new book

Joe Rusko, Johns Hopkins University Press (JHUP) Health and Wellness Editor, at the American Psychological Association (APA) annual meeting this week with my new book Take Control of Your Depression: Strategies to help you feel better now.  

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How To Stay Interested In Your Life When Depressed

When depressed we often lose interest in ourselves, our family, friends and colleagues, our world, and the little things around us.  We’re so down that those things don’t seem to matter anymore.  The problem is, then there’s nothing to keep us going, nothing to look forward to, nothing to distract us from the mundane or painful parts of life.  It’s such a common experience there’s a technical term for the loss of interest and pleasure[…]

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