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How To Stay Interested In Your Life When Depressed

When depressed we often lose interest in ourselves, our family, friends and colleagues, our world, and the little things around us.  We’re so down that those things don’t seem to matter anymore.  The problem is, then there’s nothing to keep us going, nothing to look forward to, nothing to distract us from the mundane or painful parts of life.  It’s such a common experience there’s a technical term for the loss of interest and pleasure[…]

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Taking care of yourself is not a luxury item!

Much has been written about the value and power of self-care in our life.  Taking good care of oneself seems to be a logical thing to do, but it is often one of the first things to go when you are overcome with emotional problems and mental illness.  It often takes a back seat to other pressing problems that seem more important at the time.  We stop washing up, wear messy old clothes, withdraw from[…]

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Being alone at the holidays brings a tsunami of massive sadness

To all of you who are alone or feel alone on the holidays this year, please know that you are not the only one.  Perhaps your family lives far away or members have passed away.  Perhaps you don’t get along very well with some of them, they are dismissive of your illness and when you do get together it feels even worse.  So it’s better to keep a distance.  You know you have close friends,[…]

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