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Fear of Recovery

It came up in a conversation I had recently that with depression, bipolar disorder, or other longstanding mental illness, feeling better, or “good,” may feel alien and uncomfortable.  At least at first.  For this reason some of us have an underlying fear of getting better, a fear of recovery.  How can this be?  Isn’t that the ultimate goal, to feel better? First, you have to remind yourself that fears are feelings, surrounded by unhelpful thoughts;[…]

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My Role Model For Coping With Adversity

There are some people who have received a disproportionate share of bad things that happen to them, more than the expected amount of events that would come to one in life.  This is in spite of what they do or don’t do.  They cause nothing to bring it on, and there is no way to understand it.  It is clearly not fair!  But then, nobody ever promised that life would be fair.  I personally know[…]

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Coping With Large Scale Tragedies: How We Are All Affected By Overwhelming Trauma

What happens to us when large-scale tragic events occur and flood the media, and our social networks, with stories of loss and anguish?  It can be extremely sorrowful and overwhelming even when we are not directly involved.  We lose the lives of innocent people, a sense of society as we knew it, a sense of safety and security in our neighborhoods, and a system we had trusted.  This has given many of us the opportunity[…]

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