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The Doctor Is In: Staying Connected to Your Baseline Self in Depression

The Doctor Is In is an occasional series where JHU Press authors discuss the latest developments and news in health and medicine.

Often times in depression, whether it is major depression or bipolar depression, a person can feel lost to him or herself. You may have difficulty remembering just what you were like before the episode began. This can come on quite gradually during the course of the illness. I have often heard phrases from sufferers such as “I don’t feel like me,” or “I just don’t feel familiar to myself!” What does this mean? It means that you are experiencing a set of feelings, emotions, and behaviors that are not typical of your usual self—these are driven by depression. This experience feels quite odd, alien, and uncomfortable when it happens.

This guest post from Dr. Noonan originally appeared on JHU Press Blog. Read the full post here.

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