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Welcome to my website and blog, created in time for the release of my new book Managing Your Depression: What you can do to feel better. My book was just published by the Johns Hopkins University Press and I am really excited about all of this activity! I hope that you are too.

Managing Your Depression is a practical book written to help you handle the day-to-day struggles with major depression or bipolar depression. I have two perspectives in writing – as a physician who has treated many people and as one who has personal experience in living with a mood disorder. This has allowed me to speak about what works from firsthand knowledge of the illness backed by evidence-based medical information. Having been in the depths of a mood disorder, I understand what information is most helpful to manage the illness and how it is best received. My clinical and personal experiences have provided me with the insight to write a guide that is uniquely helpful to those struggling with depression.

My goal is to continue to provide helpful information to you on this blog. Here you will find interesting posts on the basics of mental health, such as the importance of sleep, diet, exercise, keeping a routine and structure to your day, and avoiding isolation. Living with depression brings up many daily challenges, and here you will see ways to better meet those challenges. Preventing relapse of your illness is key and I will share some suggestions on how to best manage that. You will also find tips on managing the illness during stressful times such as the holidays, vacations, or time with families. Other areas for discussion may include items in the news or articles I’ve read. Feel free to submit topics for my blog postings as well.

Hope to see you here again and again! Stay well.

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